(Red) Robin

This is robin as he appears in Teen Titans/Batman and as Robin pre being Red Robin post Batman RIP. You know, when he didn’t have a really wierd looking outfit and wasn’t Globetrotting!

RR(Red) Robin (Tim Drake)
Solo d6, buddy d8, team d10

A Great Detective
Responsibility weighs heavy
Trained by Batman

Bo Staff: Weapon d8,
Utility Belt : blast d6, swing-line d6, wall crawling d6, Senses d6, Gadgets* d6,
Suit: Flight d6, Durability d6
sfx Gadgets. Add a d6 and step up the effect die when using Utility Belt to create assets.
sfx Stun. Add a d6 and step up effect die to inflict stunned complications.
sfx Ensnared. Add a d6 and step up effect die to inflict ensnared complications.
limit Gear. Shut-down a power and gain 1 PP. recover on roll against doom pool.

The Analyst
Senses d6
SFX: investigation. When using senses to investigate or analyse weaknesses, step up to d8 and step up any effect die created.
Limit: Exhaustion. Shut down power set to gain 1 PP.

Combat Expert d8, Acrobatics Expert d8, Covert Expert d8, Tech Expert d8, Crime Expert d8, Psych Expert d8, Menace Expert d8, Vehicle Expert d8

Poten672957-robinpage_largetial Leader
1xp…when rolls team in a scene for first time
3xp…when another team-mate uses an asset you created
10xp…when take leadership of a team, or leave the team and go solo.

Crime Fighter, coast to coast
1xp…when defeat a criminal
3xp…when thwart the scheme of a super criminal
10xp…when a long running enemy is finally defeated, or defeats you

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