Time…Money…So little of either

The following blog is an exerpt from an email i sent my “group” (i.e. my 2 best mates)

beware – wall of text follows
Obviously i buy quite a lot of stuff that i never get to play. Partly thats because most games are more interesting when i’m waiting for stuff to release, and on release not so much. Or that at most points of the year (not now) i don’t have time to do RPGs. Annoyingly they all seem to release during sept-dec…luckily with no more exams in november or jan that should be less of an issue in future…
What i’m thinking is that i would like to organise my time better to make best use of it. Even at best we manage once a week, maybe a 2nd time where i see brian (you should move Scott!!). Plus the odd day in holidays that isn’t really a lot.
So here’s what i’ve been thinking (and is a variation on what we’ve actually done in last year anyway) – When all three of us meet we do RPGs. One bonus is we can eat at table doing RPGs which we can’t with minis. When there is only two of us we do Minis (cos RPs don’t work so goodwith 2) or card games. On some occasions we might just be doing character creation so there will be time for quick card games – Libertalia, Smash up, Race for The galaxy, Bang. And sometimes we may fancy a break, or something new came out – Blood Bowl, Warhammer Invasion (MP expnasion is out in next 2 weeks yay!)
This is actually what we have been doing except for all the 3 player Mini games, which although fun, take bleeding ages and are meant for 2 anyway.
Most of my fave meets over last 2 years were RPGs – Marvel, Pathfinder (except stupid lobster character), Apocalypse world (except not understanding rules..still), Warhammer. And over next 6 months we will get Firefly, 13th Age (another DnD spinoff) Mythic Pathfinder, Numenera (hard to explain, but looks good), star wars (for me birthday), Exalted 3rd AND through the breach (Malifaux RPG). That’s on top of games i have but haven’t played – Deathwatch, Dungeonworld, my MHR Fantasy Hack (brian has), Eclipse phase, Iron kingdoms(warmahordes rpg) and others.
That’s a lot of RPing – but if i aimed to run short campaigns that fit in each half-term that would give use quite a lot of time to get through a bunch of games.
So for interest (which i reserve the right to ignore) what are you more interested in playing??
if you don’t know what any are, use google!!
Looking forward to big future of roleplaying…and hopefully not spending any money!!
My Poor mates. Why blog this? Well somone might read it and pitch in with some ideas for me…or who knows….

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