13th Age: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

13thI’ve had 13th Age sitting in the cloud, preordered for ages without playing it. I tried the draft about december but nothing seemed that great. But upon reading and playing the Final PDF i loved it.

The Good

  • Escalation Dice – awesome addition
  • Icons – nice story tie-in
  • Background – simpler yet more versatile than skills. And give story…
  • Weapon damage – sorts one of my main criticisms of DnD. Everyone can now chuck out ridiculous damage as they level without complicated power sets. Yay!
  • Simple monsters – well written, but simple to play with.
  • Classes – some have powers, some don’t, some have a mix of stuff.
  • Class layout – You can print your class out and have everything you’ll ever need including feats. handy.
  • Feats don’t suck.

The Bad

  • Layout – no bookmarks! The skills section (backgrounds) is under character creation, Icons rules are in about 3 different places. Not ideal…but then what book is.
  • Classes – Wait, thought they were good. It’s a good split of classes, but if you want a simple Rogue or a more complex Ranger or Barbarian – Tough. So the class determines complexity, rather than ‘new’ classes being more complex.
  • The world – very little detail on Dragon Empire, and little in way of interesting hooks. Other than, here’s another type of dungeon!

The Ugly

  • Monster Art – there is none. All we get is little tiles! WTF!

TBH honest the game is great. The B and U are nitpicks, it’s a great book (Well, pdf). Once the bestiary and 13 True ways are out it will be an amazing system. Considering what they crammed into one 300 odd page book, it’s amazing job done!

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