How 13th Age fits into Golarion

After discussing what is beyond the dragon empire here, i decided to compare the scale of the dragon empire to the Inner Sea Region (pathfinder). It seems quite big, and can’t fit. However. There is space in Golarion!

Golarion and 13thage

Okay, so it won’t quite fit…but it’s close. Just have to move the Castrovin sea a bit!

And bizarrely there is no mention in Guide of Kaladay AND the ISCS does mention a giant rift…about where the Golder Dragon Abyssal Rift is!! And Iobara is a barbarian land, which fits into NW direction of dragon empire.


no real plan to use this now, just experimenting. I have worked out an area to run a kingmaker style explore and rule sandbox game. Just NE of red wastes. for another time…

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