Numenera [HACKED] Cortex plus quick Hack

I Preorded Numenera (because it looked interesting and i thought it would be cheaper)

I Read Numenera (and it was interesting)

I am Hacking Numenera (Because i feel like it! And the sytem is iffy)

hackers numeneraCortex plus, specifically Heroic, actually seems to lend itself better to Numenera than the system MC has designed. Well, in my opinion. This is a quick look at how characters would look and how monsters and xp can work. You should be able to run the game with this and the Numenera pdf/book – go get it, it’s pretty good.

Basic Characters (using C+ Heroic)

3 main stats : Might, Speed, Intellect

3 Damage tracks, also Might, Speed, Intellect.

Rename Plot Points to Effort. (this doesn’t quite link up…but it will suffice)

Characters have 4 Distinctions:

  1. Descriptor – see Numenera
  2. Type (glaive/Nano/Jack) and connector – from the d20 tables
  3. Trouble Aspect
  4. Player’s choice – quote, personality, quirk etc.

2 Power sets:

  1. Character Type and Equipment powers – so attacks based on weapons, defenses based on armour,  any ‘magic’, plus SFX and 1 limit.
  2. Focus. Powers and SFX (and a limit) based on the chosen Focus.

Specialties renamed to Skills. d8 = trained, d10 = Specialised. Smaller focus than MHR. Most characters should no start with combat.

2 milestones – likely shared/group milestones. See later.

Example character:

Django Flynn
Might d10, Speed d8, Intellect d4.
Ex-Gladiator Glaive
Loves his mono-filament Whip.

Master of the whip (Glaive)
Mono-filament Whip d10
Light Armour d6
SFX: Piercing. Whip attacks step down any target armour by 2.
Limit: Step up any Mental(Intellect) Damage by 1.

Masters Defence
Shield d8
SFX: Defend. Step-down highest attack die to step-up any defence die for next defence roll.
Limit : Lost the shield. Gain 1 PP and shutdown powerset. Regain on roll v doom pool.

Climbing d8, Contacts d8, Positive social interactions d8

2 standard Milestones – see below

I intend to return to this with actual character creation guidelines for the 3 classes types


XP can work as normal. Here are 2 suggested milestones for the group to share:

New Horizons

  • 1xp…When you discover a new location (that you have not been to before)
  • 3xp…When you discover an Artifact
  • 10xp…when you make a discovery that changes the way people view the ninth world, or you pillage it for lots of cool Numenera.

Making Friends and Influencing People

  • 1xp…when you defeat a creature/NPC you have not come across before
  • 3xp…when you complete a minor quest
  • 10xp…when you complete a major quest arc (wither succesfully, or not)


Level 1-3 monsters should really be d6, d8 and d10 Mobs. 2 distinctions, one or two power die

Level 4-7 monsters become d6, d8, d10, d12 rated creatures. 2 distinctions, one or more power dice, a few sfx and limits.

Level 8-10 monsters should be large scale threats. xd8, xd10, xd12. 2 distinctions, one or more power dice, a few sfx and limits.

Comments Welcome Here!

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