character_bio_576_darkseid2Because you asked for it:

Solo [d12][d12] Buddy [d8] Team [d10][d10] (should make him more powerful!! similar to Thanos)
Ruler of Apokolips
Greatest threat in the cosmos
Legions of followers

Apokoliptian God
Godlike Stength d12
Godlike Stamina d12
Godlike Durability d12
SFX: Immunity: Life Support, Aging.
SFX: Invulnerable (see MHR)
SFX: Power attack. Step down highest die in pool, step up effect die for damage.
Limit: Arrogant. Step up any emotional stress.

Omega Effect
Omega Beams d12
Teleport d10
SFX: Homing. Re-roll an attack that misses (after defender rolls)
SFX: Pain. Step-up effect die to inflict pain complications.
SFX: Area effect. as MHR.
SFX: Reversible. Darkseid can reverse any damage or complications done at-will.
Limit: Overconfident. Step up any die rolled in defense pool against omega beams to trick Darkseid that he has in fact obliterated someone when he has missed!

Combat Master d10, Cosmic Master d10, Menace Master d10

Notes – added extra dice for Large scale threat. Used higher dice because it’s darkseid. Didn’t use grandmaster Specs because no other character has them.

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