Fantasy : FATE or Dungeon World

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Should really have blogged this…an interesting conundrum!

So i’ve played a few games of FATE Freeport with the missus, but it isn’t ‘zinging yet’. The style of game i’m looking for is pretty standard D&D (but not in D&D). Dungeons, monsters, wilderness adventures, helping villagers…

As mentioned in another post, with only one player things like loot feel neccesary. So i was thinking dungeon world might suit better. But there’s bits i don’t like about that also.

I’ve played pathfinder with the missus but when i play a game i have a silly need to try to do it properly and Pathfinder is not ideal for a single character… but once you’ve added in a few NPCs all the rules get a bit complex. Something like FATE or DW means i can use a lot of my PF stuff as background but not sweat the rules. Also ran 13th age recently, but it lacks support.

What i like about both FATE and DW:
more narrative
Simpler to pick up and play
Can be played freeform (intended to)
Easy to adapt to
Being well supported currently (obviously not to PF levels)

what i dislike about both
Sometimes too rules-light for me…but i can cope.
Designed more for groups than single players

why i prefer FATE to dungeon world
More choice on characters (but also a downside – too much choice, not enough structure)
FATE dice!
Throw aspects on anything
Easy stunts
DW doesn’t have ‘skills’ or anything like it for stuff like stealth or climbing…
no bonds

why i prefer dungeon world to FATE
Super easy to stat monsters – and many already done
Classes match PF, and other people have done more
Damage dice and hp
Actually designed for Fantasy, not just pulp/action
has loot and equipment and xp

So i can’t decide between the 2.
I’ve thought about adding Xp, gear, HP and damage dice to FATE or using FATE dice and aspects in dungeon world.

Anyone else been in same boat of choosing between then, either for a group or a single player

see link to see replies!

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