Worst Blog pt2.

So i did it again.

Lots of posts (was on holiday) then nothing.

Quick summary:

I actually did finish the 13th age game…A whole 10 sessions. wow!

The autumn term then consisted of finishing that, then a few card games, then being busy.

XBONE released and i bought that and most of the games. Yes its a worse console than PS4 but i bought it for the games. Really enjoyed Forza, Ryse, Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3. Currently just playing Assassins Creed 4. It’s Awesome.

Being reading Dungeon world (again) and FATE Core. Even played a few games of latter and a bunch of games of Pathfinder Adventure card game, which is all sorts of awesome.

Been posting onto rpg.net and Google+ a bit more…hopefully can manage time to blog. If only it was easier to do from work.

2013 recap then…

May 13 – 35 posts

June 13 – 2 posts

July 13 – 4 posts

August 13 – 5 posts

Urgh. Well, may was productive anyway. Here’s to 2014! I’m not gonna pre-empt my posts…never works out!

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