Dungeon World…session 1

So i’ve been playing dungeon world over the last 2 weeks and managed 4 sessions. These won’t be actual play write-ups as I don’t have the time or the memory, so just an idea of what went down.

Session 1.

B and I decided to try collaborative GMing (see this article from Gnome Stew) for our first session.

B rolled the Cloak (Google Docs Link) by Damian Jankowski,  and the Gladiator and I went for the Basic Paladin and the Dashing Hero (from bundle on DTRPG).

  • Xavier, The Cloak, Vampire with shadow armor
  • Rolwin, The gladiator, wielding the impaler
  • Celeste, the Dashing hero
  • Thaddeus, The Paladin

I GMed first, throwing the four heroes into an arena for part of a tournament. Round 1, 4v4 against some goblins. Celeste vaulted across the goblins to attack the leader while Xavier ran to hide. Rolwin botched their taunt roll and got a coughing fit and when Thaddeus ran to defend, he botched and knocked Rolwin over. Celeste killed the leader pretty quickly, while Xavier took out one goblin and Thaddeus killed the remaining 2 as Rolwin was still struggling with rolls.

For Round 2, B took over GMing and we decided to try using FATE dice for the rest of the session (0-1 partial, 2+ success). We were up against some big monster..a chaos spawn. Again Celeste went for the acrobatics running up the monsters head. Thaddeus again botched an aid roll, this time on Xavier. Clumsy oaf! Between the 4 the monster was finished off, but all took damage. Thaddeus too more when attempting to heal one of the others. A long discussion ensued about whether the vampire was undead or not and could be healed. eventually we decided that vampire were a cursed race with different subgroups. Shadow vampires could be in sunlight but didn’t like it (As per the Cloak) but other subgroups would differ.

Round 3, i GMed. We had a tower with a chest on top and two sets of paths to the top, one for each group (the other being the standard 4 adventuring classes). each level up the tower was trapped. All 4 made it over the lava pit. At the spinning blades Thaddeus took a hit but his armor mitigated some of it. At the crushing blocks Thaddeus and Xavier got hit. Celeste reached the top first against the cleric and kicked him straight off. Next up Rolwin took on the fighter and again made a meal of it. Xavier hid behind a pillar to wait for the wizard. Upon arriving Xavier pounced, using his main move to subdue the caster and prevent spells. Celeste swung around the top to fight the thief. Eventually Thaddeus turned up to help Rolwin defeat the fighter. Someone, can’t remember who, was launched off the the tower and into the crushing blocks. The chest at the top contained Tomin’s armor – handy for Xavier.

We really enjoyed the session. All the classes were fun although Xavier was a bit underpowered at start due to lack of damage and having to pounce and grab all the time was odd. We decided he needed the shadow weapon next. the FATE dice made the game too easy laster on, Celeste never seemed to fail having +2 DEX and using a rapier, although i had some lucky rolls. B on the other hand rolled —- twice in a row, and another later which was bizarre. The collaborative GMin worked well because we disn’t have a plot, just different rounds.

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