DW session 2

Different players in second game, the missus (M)

She decided on a thief, annoyingly a halfling. Called Sketch

I opened with “you are hanging upside down outside a building, why?”

Turns out sketch was casing the marequessa’s mansion over the street. Guarded by only a few guards (her choice) and Guard Hippos (actually a very good idea – sleep in day, cut the grass at night..kill intruders).

Easy enough session. Sketch climbs the wall, then the building, avoiding the guards on the roof. Moves through the room to the safe without touching the (untrapped) floor. Discovers there may be a trap on safe but cannot disarm it, so empties safe having seen ‘code’ through window and the runs with loot having set off alarm. Fires a spike into rails to zip line out of house then runs through streets and hides in a haystack.

Later on Sketch leaves half the loot in a tree and fences the rest (for payment over time to get more) and uses up-front cash to buy a pony.

All very sensible from someone who used to just kill everything (player not the character).

Only took an hour but was good quick fun.

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