DW session 3

So back to me and B, but S joined in. He sarted making a shifter character while we wrote the fronts and randomly generated towns using grim world, but then he realised some powers needed to come from GM so we binned that and he made a coffin bearer. We filled in the bonds, race and alignment text and were good to go.

B : Rolwin the Gladiator

S : Avox the coffin bearer

C : Thaddeus the paladin

It was only due to be a short session as we had already played a session of Pathfinder adventure card game (which is awesome btw).

Me and B decided to collaboratively GM again. I started. The group were running guard for a carnival caravan on the way to a town (hexshire…slthough we kept saying hexthorpe which is a local village by mistake).

While looking around the group saw something in the distance. A swarm of giant rats. Thaddeus and Rolwin got the caravan moving but Avox decide to fight! Idiot. He got swarmed and took damage. But the Rats weren’t really the problem, 3 minotaurs were attaching the caravan. Avox fought one, taking damage but eventually trapping it. Thaddeus launched himself off the caravan at one. Rolwin (as usual) messed up his taunt roll, and fell off. Eventually Thaddeus defeated two minotaurs and the trapped one ran off.

The caravan having gone, the group decided to set up camp near by. B took over as GM. Avox botched his watch roll and we were jumped by Lizardmen. They were defeated pretty quickly but not before Avox got his ass kicked. Here the coffin proved OP. On one good roll, one Lizard was trapped and the rest fled ‘in terror’. The group continued on to the town where the guards were acting wierd. We suspected a bandit attack (because that was the threat on the town i had rolled) and sure enough they did. We ran into the city and were safe. The group then met the mayor, some real A-hole, who told us  the bandits had probably grabbed the caravan. We offered to take out the bandit leader for the mayor and rescue the prisoners. I knew something was suss because the town was meant to rain gold but B was keeping that quiet from S.

I took back over GMing. We decided to sneak up to the bandits but Avox was sussed out and grabbed. Thaddeus and Rolwin sneaked into the camp and found the caravan men, the women having dissapeared. Avox was stripped naked and properly worried but nothing happened. We got a bit silly at this point. Lots of jokes about entering the tent from behind etc. We decided to talk to the bandit leader who explained they were all from the town and were stopping people getting in as they never came out. They eventually revealed that the town rained gold once a year and the mayor had gone mad, killing people and capturing others, always blaming the bandits. (B had taken back over GMing now as i wasn’t sure what had actually been happening). We got back into town using a dead bandit body, then grabbed the mayor. upon revealing the mayor, not the bandits, had the commander’s daughter the commander killed the mayor then blinded himself. nutter! (oh wait, I GMed that).

And that’s how it ended.

Ran on a bit long because me and B got carried away but again the Collaborative GMing was good fun, although a bit confusing this time as B added a twist which I didn’t know about.

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