DW Session 4

So another session, a different set of players( well combination of) and another crazy way of playing. Gotta write this up quick…

This time me and M were using my new XBox One to skype to B who was at home. That worked very well. M was v amused by the Kinect focusing on here moving around and occasionally me dissapearing out of the picture altogether!

  • M : Sketch the halfling Thief.
  • B : Xavier the vampire Cloak.

We picked a map from one of the last two one page dungeon competitions. It was simply a rooftop dash across part of a city.

So we started off with deciding that they had knicked a mithril shirt and they had to get to their contact across the city. IT worked great. Lots of climbing and jumping ,the occasional fail. A fight with  some thieves protecting the guild entrance worked well with both characters linking up and using their abilities well. They also ad-libbed stuff – using a rope and spike to cross above a crowd.

At the end the contact turned out to have been killed so they had to fight the imposter and then escape through a portal.

Everything went great – stealth, fighting, exploring…

Another great session. Sorry for short write-up but it was a while back now.

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  1. aknorian · · Reply

    how can i contact you? been trying to find the career ability cards for the career cards you made for wood elves, with no luck.


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