5th > Pathfinder

So after a few more days i’m revisiting this:

In 5E’s favour
• Advantage rules rather than lots of +- to refer to
• Attack bonus and AC on lower scales so all monsters are useful at all levels
• Skills default to attributes, with simple bonus rather than ever increasing skills and skill DCs
• Proficiency Bonus
• Extra attacks by class not BAB
• Simple monster readouts
• Feats optional
• Less spells, feats and rules to forget
• Backgrounds
• Ravenloft, Planescape, spelljammer, Dark Sun
• Beholders and MindFlayers!
In Pathfinder’s Favour
• Almost 40 classes vs about 10 in PHB
• Many class archetypes
• Advanced Race Guide
• 4 Bestiaries v 1 MM
• Ultimate Campaign (best book ever – used it with 13th Age)
• Various Player options books
• Golarion (and various PCS books) > Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk 


So 5e is actually ahead 11 to 7, but ignoring world ones it’s like 9:6. But i can also use UC in 5E (used it in 13th age already) so 9:5.

That leaves only these reasons for preferring PF:

• Almost 40 classes vs about 10 in PHB
• Many class archetypes
• Advanced Race Guide
• 4 Bestiaries v 1 MM
• Various Player options books

So basically races, classes and monsters.

Monsters:  already have guidelines for converting PF monsters to 5E and i’m sure when PHB and MM are both out there will be more.

Races : Races are pretty simple. I’m gonna see if i can use the ARG to point the 5E races and see what they come out like. Then use the ARG as is with a new points basis.

So classes. Well ACG isn’t out yet, and when it is the guidance on creating classes should actually work for 5E. It’s a shame i won’t be able to use the ACG classes if i’m playing 5E but i’m sure someone will fix that. Also 11 of the classes are already in 5E. So that only leaves Gunslinger, Ninja, Samurai, Magus, Alchemist, Cavalier, oracle, inquisitor, summoner and witch. Don’t know where i got 40 classes from! Anyway, from these most are slight reskins of other classes with the exception of Summoner. So with a few sub classes and a summoner class i’ve fixed my main PF advantage.

Most of the other PF stuff i have is flavour or ideas so i guess 5E might be the way to go.

Just wait, i’ll change my mind in a week!!



  1. 5e has less emphasis on build. The Basic rules have just a few choices. Even using advanced options like feats, Pathfinder is way more build oriented.

    1. Agreed. I think 5e will be just about right. Unless they release no option books!

  2. Keep in mind that 5E will eventually have as many classes/archtypes/etc.

    1. With the time gap Pathfinder will always be ahead. but the sub class system makes it easy to do your own archetypes, unlike pathfinder.

  3. Eldritch Knight may cover the Magus niche, and the Way of Shadow monk approaches the ninja theme. A Warlock may have some play overlap with the Summoner, though I’m not sure. I like the Eleidon and the concept of focusing on it.

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