Playing with the D&D starter set

So we decided to run the D&D starter set last week. We had been planning a star wars game but there was a TPK in the first session. Imagine that! technically the characters are KO not dead, so i can bring that game back whenever i want. Can’t see me playing much other than D&D for a while but who knows.

So B ran the cleric and noble fighter and S ran the elf wizard and rolled a wood elf rogue folk hero who we set up like a ranger. The 3 pregens gave good RP tips which B found really helpful, but S was concentrating on the spell lists!

Managed to finish part one and about half of part 2.

Avoiding spoilers we really enjoyed the game. In a five hour session we managed about 4 big combats and 3 smaller ones, some social stuff and some exploring. Combats went well and everyone had options, even the fighter. The rogue had good fun trying to get the sneak attack and/or advantage. The wizard made good use of his spells, and the cleric proved versatile. The rest mechanic worked well and the game could be deadly but we only had one KO at level 1. At level 2 they look a lot tougher.

Easily the most fun we’ve had playing D&D since 2e and we’re looking forward to the full core books coming out.

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