Tiefling Sub races for 5E

So owning Pathfinder Blood and Fiends* (and loving it) means i’m a bit under whelmed with the options for Tieflings in the 5E PHB (as in none). So i present a set of sub race options. Essentially the main bits are the same but they all have different spells (replacing the standard 3) and Attribute options. If nothing is listed, no change from standard.

And even then you can swap the spells out. L1 is a cantrip, L3 is a L1 spell, L5 is a level 2 spell. Ideally something arcane rather than divine.

Asura-Spawn (Faultspawn)

  • Dex +2, Wis +1
  • Cantrip – Friendship
  • at Level 3, cast as 2nd level – Hideous Laughter
  • at Level 5 – Enthrall

Daemon-Spawn (Grimspawn)

  • Dex +2, Int +1
  • Cantrip – Chill Touch
  • at Level 3, cast as 2nd level – False life
  • at Level 5 – Ray of Enfeeblement

Demodand-Spawn (Foulspawn)

  • Con +2, Wis +1
  • at Level 5 – Barkskin 

Demon-Spawn (Pitborn)

  • Cha +2, Str +1
  • at Level 5 – Shatter

Devil-Spawn (Hellspawn)

  • Con+2, Cha +1
  • Cantrip – Dancing Lights
  • at Level 5 – Scorching Ray

Div-Spawn (Spitespawn)

  • Dex +2, Wis +1
  • at Level 3, cast as 2nd level – Silent Image
  • at Level 5 – mirror image

Kyton-Spawn (Shackleborn)

  • Cha +2, Con +1
  • Cantrip – Mage Hand
  • at Level 3, cast as 2nd level – Entangle
  • at Level 5 – Web

Oni-Spawn (Hungerseed)

  • Str +2, Wis +1
  • at Level 3, cast as 2nd level – Longstrider
  • at Level 5 – Alter Self

Qlippoth-Spawn (the Motherless)

  • Wis +2, Str +1
  • Cantrip – Minor illusion
  • at Level 3, cast as 2nd level – Disguise Self
  • at Level 5 – Blur

-Rakshasa-Spawn (Beastbrood)

  • Dex +2, Cha +1
  • Cantrip – True Strike
  • at Level 3, cast as 2nd level –  Detect Magic
  • at Level 5 – Detect Thoughts

*one of the better player companion’s in my book. Go get it!!


  1. MaskofWinters · · Reply

    I miss the random physical attributes and random powers from the 2E Planeswalker’s Handbook.

    1. Actually blood of fiends has that. One table to replace the spell ability and one for appearance.

  2. Brachina · · Reply

    I would have gone ensnaring strike as a 2nd level spell, instead of entangle for shackleborn, it restrains, but its has more of a bite to it.

    1. Swap it. The spells are interchangeable anyway. My wifes hungerseed pc uses shatter, not the proper spell.

  3. Wasn’t sure where to ask this, but this seemed the appropriate place. How would you create a Tiefling sub-race of Succubi/Inccubi?


    1. hmmm, would need to refer to my books….will get back

      1. Thanks for taking the time to look into this for me. I greatly appreciate it.

  4. For your succubus i’d probably go:
    +2 CHA, +1 Con
    level 1 Chill Touch, Level 3 Command or Charm Person, Level 5 Detect Thoughts

    if there was a vampiric touch i’d replace with that

  5. There is a Vampiric Touch (3rd level Necromancy @ 3d6 necrotic damage). So would you add that as the only ability instead of the 3 spells or would fit to lower it to match Chill Touch and treat it like a cantrip?

    1. yeah, all other have level 1 and 2 spells.
      Prob replace level 1 or 2 spell and tone down vampiric touch i guess

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