Aasimars and sub-races

So for Aasimars i have basically done a copy of Tieflings…because, well they are like the good version ,right?




For more information see the internet, Advanced Race Guide or Blood of Angels.

Aasimar names (copied from Blood of Angels, from paizo)

Female Names: Adonia, Amethyst, Arabella, Arken, Arsinoe, Ayako, Bretheda, Calanthe, Castrovei, Davina, Delphinia, Drinma, Dulcida, Feyla, Imesah, Iomedae, Isabis, Liavara, Li Mei, Masozi, Maysamma, Mirei, Moonstone, Nijena, Niramour, Ondrea, Rhialla, Sabiha, Sunetra, Valtyra, Zinnia.
Male Names: Aballon, Akemi, Aritian, Aurelio, Bellarmine, Beltin, Carnelian, Cayden, Cernan, Clarion, Cronwier,
Desiderio, Eanril, Eran, Eremurus, Gwyn, Ilamin, Kinjiro, Kyan, Malachite, Maudril, Okrin,
Parant, Shenir, Sterling, Talyessin, Triaxus,Tural, Wyran, Zaigan.

Aasimar Traits

Ability Score increase : Wis+2, Cha+1 or Wis+1, Cha+2, Player choice.

Age – Mature more or less the same as Humans, but probably live a lot longer.

Alignment – Tending to Lawful Good but not restricted to.

Size – Medium

Speed – 30 feet

Darkvision – 60 ft.

Celestial Resistance – Aasimar are resistant to cold and electricity damage.

Skilled – Aasimar PCs gain proficiency in persuasion or perception.

Celestial Legacy – Aasimar know the light cantrip. At level 5 you can cast the aid spell once per day. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Languages – you can speak, read and write common and Celestial.


Sub races.

As with the tielfing sub races these replace rather than add to the base Aasimar traits.

Agathion-Blooded (Idyllkin),

  • Typical Alignment – NG
  • Ability modifiers – +2 Cha, +1 Con
  • Skilled – proficient in Animal Handling OR Survival
  • Spells – at level 5 can cast Beast Sense once per day.

Angel-Blooded (Angelkin),

  • Typical Alignment – Good
  • Ability modifiers – +2 Str, +1 Cha
  • Skilled – proficient in Medicine or Religion
  • Spells – at level 5 can cast alter self once per day.

Archon-Blooded (Lawbringers),

  • Typical Alignment – LG
  • Ability modifiers – +2 Wis, +1 Con
  • Skilled – proficient in Insight OR Intimidation
  • Spells – at level 5 can cast continual flame once per day.

Azata-Blooded (Musetouched),

  • Typical Alignment – CG
  • Ability modifiers – +2 Cha, +1 Dex
  • Skilled – proficient in Performance or persuasion
  • Spells – at level 5 can cast Moonbeam once per day.

Garuda-Blooded (Plumekith),

  • Typical Alignment – CG
  • Ability modifiers – +2 Dex, +1 Wis
  • Skilled – proficient in Acrobatics
  • Spells – at level 5 can cast see invisibility once per day.

Peri-Blooded (Emberkin),

  • Typical Alignment – NG
  • Ability modifiers – +2 Int, +1 Cha
  • Skilled – proficient in arcana or Religion
  • Spells – at level 5 can cast Flaming Sphere once per day.



  1. khaalis · · Reply

    If you want Aasimar to mimic the Tiefling, Celestial Legacy is missing the “at 3rd level” 1/day “as a 2nd-level spell”. I might suggest ‘Protection from Good and Evil’?

    1. I was goin to have a 3rd spell, but decide to add in proficiencies instead.

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