D&D 5e Catfolk

It should have been geniekin next but i’m struggling with that so i picked up the Pathfinder ARG and converted some races from that. As before feel free to make simple changes.*

First up:


CatfolkAbility Scores: +2 Dex, +1 Wis**

Size: Medium

Speed: 30ft, but increases to 40ft in catfolk is dashing or charging.

Darkvision: can see 60 ft in dark.

Cats Luck: 1/day can take advantage on a dex save.

Hunters: proficient in perception and stealth. [DM: or swap one for survival]

Claws : Catfolk have claws on both hands that do 1d4 damage. They are automatically proficient in these and they count as finesse and light weapons.

Languages: Common and Catfolk



* for a lot of these i’ve turned racial +s to proficiencies. it’s more powerful but i don’t want random +s as 5e doesn’t tend to use them.

**based on ARG this should be +1 CHA but i’m not keen on that. Feel free to go back to it!


  1. It’s awesome you did this, I actually worked on a homebrew Catfolk myself a few days ago, its very similar to what you’ve done. I used the D&D 3.5 Races of Wild as a guide. Nice job.

    I’m excited to check the other converted races you’ve done.

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