D&D 5e Ratfolk

It should have been geniekin next but i’m struggling with that so i picked up the Pathfinder ARG and converted some races from that. As before feel free to make simple changes.*

last up:


Ability Scores: +2 Dex, +1 Int

Size: Small

Speed: 30ft (small, but nippy)

Darkvision: can see 60 ft in dark.

Skilled: Proficient in perception or stealth or animal handling. Proficient in all types of crossbows, and if they exist one type of firearms.

Tinker : Proficient in tools:alchemist kit or poisoner’s kit.

Swarming: Ratfolk have advantage on attacks if at least one ally is within 5ft of target and not incapacitated.

Languages: Common and one of dwarven, goblin or undercommon.


Alternatively try these sub-races that replace the +1 Int and the choice of proficiency.

Grey : +1 Wis, proficient in perception.

Black : +1 Con, proficient in stealth.

White: +1 Int, proficient in arcana.

Brown: +1 Int, proficient in animal handling.


* for a lot of these i’ve turned racial +s to proficiencies. it’s more powerful but i don’t want random +s as 5e doesn’t tend to use them.


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