_RPGaDAYOnly just heard of this…

1st – First RPG Played- Red Box D&D Basic
2nd – First RPG Gamemastered – D&D BECMI
3rd – First RPG Purchased – Either MSH or Top secret SI
4th – Most recent RPG purchase – D&D Hoard of the Dragon Queen
5th – Most Old School RPG owned – WEG Star wars or MSH
6th – Favourite RPG Never get to play – Exalted?
7th – Most “intellectual” RPG owned – Eclipse Phase
8th – Favourite character – I hardly play, always DM. My Dark Sun Bard probably.
9th – Favourite Die / Dice Set – My Torg D20. so biased.
10th – Favourite tie-in Novel / Game Fiction – Azure Bonds
11th – Weirdest RPG owned – Eoris. rules and world make no sense. looks pretty though.
12th – Old RPG you still play / read – 2nd Ed D&D stuff and 2nd Ed Star Wars Stuff
13th – Most Memorable Character Death – not mine but a player in milleniums end. Shot through wall because another pc phoned him.

14th – Best Convention Purchase – X
15th – Favourite Convention Game – X
16th – Game you wish you owned – none, but more books for many!!
17th – Funniest Game you’ve played – GBI

18th – Favourite Game System – MHR probably, so Cortex. Actually supported : D&D
19th – Favourite Published Adventure – Isle of Dread.
20th – Will still play in 20 years time… D&D
21st – Favourite Licensed RPG – MHR
22nd – Best Secondhand RPG Purchase – not sure
23rd – Coolest looking RPG product / book – Eclipse Phase
24th – Most Complicated RPG Owned – Anima
25th – Favourite RPG no one else wants to play – nope.
26th – Coolest character sheet – ??
27th – Game You’d like to see a new / improved edition of… – Top secret SI
28th – Scariest Game you’ve played – haven’t really
29th – Most memorable encounter –
30th – Rarest RPG Owned – if i own it it can’t be that rare. GBI??
31st – Favourite RPG of all time – i guess D&D. lame.

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