Choice, 5E, Pathfinder adventure paths.

So having TPKed the party on Lost mines of phandelver we need to start again. And i figured it will make for a good blog post as well as for my players.


1. Use Tyranny of Dragons DnD 5E adventure – (search net for reviews)

  • Uses proper rules.
  • Set in realms, you fight against dragon cultists (and dragons).
  • Couple of dungeons, a caravan section in the middle

2. Use a pathfinder Adventure path – Link to AP blog post

  • Set in Golarion/Pathfinder campaign setting (Link to Golarion summary)
  • Not 5E, but should be easy to convert and they are well regarded.
  • they go from level 1-near 20 and consist of 6 books each – probably take a long time to get through (like a year+!)

3. Run random adventures either in one or in different worlds

  • Greyhawk (hard – no books)
  • Realms (yawn)
  • Dragonlance (the original adventures are online – proper old school 1st edition)
  • Dark Sun (i have 4E books, brian has 2E)
  • Ravenloft (have the 2E box stuff)
  • Al-Quadim
  • Eberron (look it up – bit more steampunk than normal)
  • Mystara (the basic D&D setting)
  • Golarion – which is a kitchen sink setting but not sucky like realms – plus i have lots of sourcebooks and a Gods book.

4. Run adventures in multiple worlds

  • Like 3, but jumping between worlds.

5. Sandbox/homewbrew

  • Either don’t use adventures at all – but since i don’t have time to prep that means mostly winging it from week to week. This could be in a published world though, or a made-up one.

There are pros and cons to all of these. It’s also possible to start one, then rest it and switch to something else and come back later (or play star wars!!)

So ideally pick your top 3 choices. (1 to 5)

And then if you pick 2-4 rank your top 3 subchoice as well for each (world/path etc.)




  1. Dark Sun would be great … I’m thinking payback though for you being such a difficult player-character many (many) years ago 😛

    1. But it wouldnt have the glitches of 2e so your pc would not be op like mine was.

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