Golarion – Inner Sea overview

 Brief overview of the inner sea area of golarion (main area)


The Inner sea region: countries in bold are in APs
Absalom – island nation
Andoran – Democratic freedom
Brevoy – Feuding noble houses
Cheliax – demon/devil controlled empire
Druma – merchants religios paradise??
Galt – Constant revolution (france)
Hold of Belkzen – orcs
Irrisen – home of the winter witches and Baba Yaga
Isger – Thrall of Cheliax
Kyonin – Elf land
Lastwall – Border nation to Worldwound, knights and defenders
Lands of the Linnorm Kings – vikings and barbarians
Mendev – crusaders to the worldwound
Molthune – territorial expansionists
Nidal – run by evil god?
Nirmathas – war-torn
Numeria – Barbarians and future tech from crashed space ship!!
Qadira – Arabian – part of massive empire to east
Razmiran – run by a fake god whose clerics are wizards
Realm of the Mammoth Lords – barbarians
The River Kingdoms – lots of small warring states
Taldor -failing empire, knights
Ustalav – gothic horror land
Varisia – border nation, no government just cities (lots of APs set here)
Worldwound – gateway to hell where Demons pour from

Alkenstar -dwarven gun smiths
Geb – domain of the dead
Jalmeray – outpost island of vudrani (think indian) empire
Katapesh – Arabian, markets
Mana Wastes – magic dead wasteland
Mwangi Expanse – jungles and dinosuars
Nex – opponent to Geb
Osirion – Egypt
Rahadoum – no religion at all
Sargava -lost colony, ruins and jungles
The Shackles – pirate islands
The Sodden Lands- wasteland
Thuvia – desert land of eternal youth

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