Pathfinder Classes in D&D 5E

So one of things i really like about Pathfinder but don’t have in 5E is all the classes. Not so bothered about the archetypes. They are nice to have, but most are pointless or are just themes. Have statted most of the races i want, monsters are pretty easy to convert or re-skin and i am already playing 5E in Golarion, so the world is done! But it would be nice to have some of the classes and i thought i would take a look at what classes need how much conversion.

3 Ratings:

  • Want (How much i want to have the class in 5E)
  • Need (how much is needed to convert rather than just reskin another class)
  • Difficulty (How hard the class will be to convert)

Alchemist – Yes please! Can use spells with the various alchemist rules so new new spells needed. And then just take the main ideas of mutagens bombs and discoveries. Want 8/10, Need 8/10, Difficulty 6/10

Cavalier – Erm, no. Either create a defense fighter or use a paladin. The only real niche is the horse, which doesn’t even work in dungeons!! Want 1/10, Need 1/10, Difficulty 1/10

Inquisitor – never really saw the point of these. Not as good a caster as cleric or good a fighter as Paladin. Can probably just re-skin the Cleric, ranger or paladin. Want 1/10, Need 2/10, Difficulty 2/10

Oracle – Basically clerics minus the combat, but then add in mysteries and curses. Probably best as a variant Cleric, because domains are similar but need to ad in curses and remove turn undead and other combat powers. Want 4/10, Need 4/10, Difficulty 4/10

Summoner – So just a wizard with less spells, but a ton of summoning and their eidolon. Could use a base wizard as a start, but still needs a new spell list and eidolon rules. Want 6/10, Need 8/10, Difficulty 8/10

Witch – Can really just use a chain lock and create a new patron, or use a wizard or sorcerer and give them a familiar and hex! Want 5/10, Need 2/10, Difficulty 2/10

Magus – I asked about this online, but people just said use a eldritch knight or a a blade-lock but they all lack the spell on attack that a magus has. So for the moment i would re-skin something but i want to convert this properly. Want 7/10, Need 5/10, Difficulty 7/10

Samurai – Already a re-skin itself…but i’m not converting cavalier so just use fighter and a new sub-class. Want 4/10, Need 2/10, Difficulty 1/10

Ninja – Wants to be a shadow monk or monk-rogue cross. Could re-skin but may need a new class. Want 5/10, Need 4/10, Difficulty 4/10

Gunslinger – Need gun rules first. Then i don’t think you need grit…just some maneuvers with rest requirements…Want 8/10, Need 6/10, Difficulty 7/10

Arcanist – I don’t see the point in this class. Just pick a wizard or sorcerer. Want 0/10

Bloodrager – Sorcerer Barbarian! Great idea, but seems hard to balance. I guess if it’s just rage+spells it could be ok. Want 7/10, Need 8/10, Difficulty 5/10

Brawler – Most people would say use monk or fighter but actually they end up with too many abilities. Brawler is very focused. Want 6/10, Need 7/10, Difficulty 4/10

Hunter – Druid Ranger. Actually makes sense in 5E as it’s own class to focus on the companion. Shouldn’t be too hard. Want 5/10, Need 5/10, Difficulty 4/10

Investigator – Rogue Alchemist? Sounds more like poisoner. Seems like an odd theme for the cross but the cross is good. Want 4/10, Need 5/10, Difficulty 5/10

Shaman – Oracle/Witch. Interesting as that’s a divine/arcane cross. Figure Shaman should really be something else altogether. Lots of spirit powers. Want 5/10, Need 6/10, Difficulty 6/10

Skald – Barbarian/Bard. Great idea, but sure you could re-skin one or the other. But for a proper cross needs a class. Want 4/10, Need 5/10, Difficulty 5/10

Slayer – Ranger/Rogue. Ranger is so nerfed in 5E that rogue alone does this pretty much. can just be a sub-class. Want 4/10, Need 3/10, Difficulty 3/10

Swashbuckler – Gunslinger/Fighter. Again, i don’t get the cross. Swashbuckler can easily be a theme, or a subclass of fighter, ranger, rogue or gunslinger. Want 4/10, Need 3/10, Difficulty 2/10

Warpriest = Another odd one. Surely a fighter/cleric is a paldin? This is only necessary in PF because cleric have 3/4 BAB. So in 5E this is just a war domain cleric. Want 2/10, Need 1/10, Difficulty 1/10

So of the ones that actually need a new class the order i want them is:

  1. Alchemist
  2. Gunslinger
  3. Bloodrager
  4. Magus
  5. Summoner
  6. Brawler
  7. Shaman
  8. Hunter

And these in order of ease…

  1. Hunter
  2. Brawler
  3. Bloodrager
  4. Alchemist
  5. Shaman
  6. Magus
  7. Gunslinger
  8. Summoner

So hopefully at some point i’ll start work on the Magus, Bloodrager or Alchemist.


  1. Check out this link for a Brawler fighter archetype.

    1. Pretty cool. i still want a full class, but thats a very good replacemnt for the time being!

  2. Anonymous · · Reply

    You should consider updating this list, as some of the classes are now 5e classes/subclasses.

    It’s a good start, for sure.

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