MHR infinite crisis.

Need a new game due to a flakey player and since i’m reading and playing infinite crisis i fancy that.

But i’m thinking of having marvel worlds also.

So the main origin worlds are

earth-1 the main DC earth
Earth-2 alternate heroes
Earth-? Evil versions of all heroes
And another bunch

616 the main comic world
The ultimate universe
The cinematic universe

The infinite crisis introduces new alternate worlds
Gaslight – a victorian steampunk world
Mecha – all heroes are robots
Arcane – a fantasy worlds where heroes are magic or warriors or fantasy races
Atomic – post apocalyptic world where heroes are mutated or mad max style fighters
nightmare – heroes all seem to be horror versions of themselves.

I’m thinking we use these 5 variants of both comic verses for a really cool mash up.

So you just need to pick one of the 5 variants (or original) and a hero.
Preferably more than 1 to rotate heroes.

Or try a new variant…



  1. Would you be willing to do a write up of the game’s ‘Event’? After they have played it, naturally. no spoilers for the group

    1. We only played one session, and it was practically a year ago sorry

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