Shadowrun Crossfire Review

I only heard of crossfire just before xmas, too late to go on the wish list. So I Bought it straight after having played the demo game. I was a bit dubious of yet another DBG but it’s great!

What’s in the box?crossfire-2

Not a lot for the size of the box!! The box is huge so has lots of space. This is not a bad thing. I like the fact that i bought almost all the Warhammer Invasion cards and only just filled the box. You get enough cards to have a variety of playthroughs, plus counters, a shadowrun world book and a bunch of stickers to upgrade the characters.


Choose a mission, pick roles and play. Very quick. Could do with more missions, there are as many to download as in the box, and 1 of the box missions is too hard to start with.

In Play

You play co-op, attempting to bypass rounds of obstacles, gaining money to buy better cards before you die. In the games i’ve played most players have been on the verge of death at the end of a game. It really has to be played co-op to avoid failing. It plays very quick, and as a bonus you gain xp to level up your characters. it’s a shame you always have to start with the same starting cards but it’s not an issue. This is the key thing that sets crossfire apart from other games, there is a reason to do multiple plays, and unlike PFACG you din’t have to keep buying packs of cards to progress. It’s also easy to track multiple characters because you just track xp, whereas in PFACG if you remove cards from the decks, no-one else can have those cards.


Great game, plays quick, xp improvement mechanic adds massive lastability and room for expansion. IT really makes me want to play shadowrun RPG but that’s a whole new can of worms.


  1. noblespirits · · Reply

    I found it impossible to actually win a game.

    1. How many players?
      with 2 players it may actually be easier because you dont flip crossfire cards for the first 2 turns.
      although we did manage demo kit wins without that rule.
      try using the demo kit missions from the offical website – less karma but easier

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