Marvel Dicemasters Review

M picked up the original AvX dicemaster box back at launch. We had no idea it would be so popular because we then couldn’t buy any expansion dice packs until the release of uncanny in October time. At which point I then bought a bunch of AvX dice off Ebay…and then they re-released them before Christmas! I then also bought the uncanny starter and both collector’s boxes to store all the dice in. We have a lot of dice!

In the Boxavx2

The starter boxes come with enough dice for 2 players, and 3 copies of each hero card for extra variety. Expansions are 2 dice and 2 cards, but only cost £1. The collection boxes are mostly air! They do have proper felt bags and different coloured base dice and 4 expansion packs. Bit pricey but necessary to store the dice.


Takes a while. Picking 20 dice (probably 6-10 different cards) from two sets can take a while. It’s quicker now than when we had all the dice in separate plastic bags. It helps to do themes of teams or only pick certain types of card.

In play

Quicker than setup so we often play 2 or 3 games at a time! You roll dice, buy dice attack and defend. There is quite a bit of luck but also a lot of tactics in which dice to buy and when to attack or just defend. The goal is to get past your opponent defences and damage them, sort of like magic. The dice and cards work well, being very different and giving room for combos and variety.


By far our favourite versus game. It play quick once dice are selected, and is a lot of fun if sometimes frustrating when the dice don’t come up as you would want. Also sometimes the game feels like you are just getting started and it’s over. We rarely get to use any dice costing more than 4 which eliminates a lot of the cards from play.

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