What have i been playing?

Read a lot of different game recently and managed to play a few.

Starting with Beginner box and then using full 5E with alphaware missions we played a few sessions of Shadowrun. Really enjoyed it.

Somewhere during that we played a session of through the breach. Still haven’t bought the books, waiting for the first penny dreadful as I’m still not convinced on how to run this. Stats still seem too low, and there is still a lack of guidance on magic and powers…

At half-term B ran a Age of Rebellion starter game. That was great fun. We played the follow-up which didn’t prove to be as much fun. Hoping to finish that but can’t get group together at mo. Having had 4 ofus for the latter part of 2014, our new guy is moving away, so back to 3!

Played a session of Fight! last week. It was great fun, but the characters dud not seem balanced. By level 3 or so i think the issues would be ironed out but there are definitely traps and L1.

On top of that have read TBZ, OVA and Shonen Final Burst. All look good in different ways. Really fancy something anime but none of them quite get it. OVA probably closest but needs everything creating for it…we’ll see.

S has offered to run a game… Seems unlikely.


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