Naruto RPG System

Been playing a lot of fighting games recently, and using the Fight! rpg (which is great). Started on a Naruto campaign, done the world building but not sure on the system.

Started with Fight!, but not sure Fight is best for this game.

What we want is…

1. Some basic skills
2. Differering Stats and health per character.
3. A system to create a few moves, but really only 1 per level or 1 per arc.
4. A quick combat system in principle but which allows charging up, running out of power, Jutsus, basic attacks, blocking, substituting, weapons.
5. Some sort of levelling system…
6. Awakenings/Transformations
7. Character traits or qualities
8. Be easy to run, and GM
9. Quick-ish character creation
10. Be easy to adapt the whole thing, or fudge quickly when needed.

So far i am considering
Star wars, D&D 4 or 5, Fight, Fate, Anima, OVA

Star Wars
-does 1 2 8, 5 and 9 (sort of)
-can do 3 using jedi power rules, but would need big changes
-doesn’t really do 4 or 7
-not 6 or 10
= probably not a good fit. 5/10

-does 1 5 7 10, 6 8 9(sort of)
-does 3, but moves end up being samey in practise. It’s the narration that really makes the difference. Also too many moves at higher levels.
-combat is not quick due to spending FS then, 1st roll, then spending FS, then hit roll, then damage, then work out stuff…so no to 4
-fails 2. characters too similar
=Fight is great for doing SF, tekken, MK or DOA. but less so for naruto. 6.5/10

D&D 5
-does 1,2,5,8. Sort of 7 and 9.
-can do 4 and combat in 5e is pretty quick.
-could use spells to do Jutsus. since all classes in 5e have access to spells this is doable. You can go strong but crap jutsu (fighter) or weaker but strong jutsu (wizard). downside is that Naruto characters do both…
-doesnt do 6
-not sure on 10. Wouldn’t be easy, but not too hard. spells give a really good base for jutsus so that makes things a lot easier.
=might work. Really just a re-skin. 7/10

-does 1,2,3,5,6,7
-downside is 4, 8 and 9. combat in anima is quite slow. and character creation is hideous. can make pretty much what you want but is complex. on plus side can create moves from scratch which are different including defensive moves (unlike fight) and the ki book rips some things straight from nartuto. Combat is slow but does include counters as standard.
-doesnt need much adapting but what does need doing would take time, plus hard to fudge.
= does a lot, does a lot well, complex. 7/10

-does 4,7,8, 9, (10 sort of)
-you can have moves but you don’t seem to gain more as you get xp, and there are no levels. Awakenings are doable but not super easy.
-doesnt really have stats or skills, has a mix if them and traits, so only partly 1 and 2.
= Only one pdf, so not much to go on. But would do a job. 6.5/10

-does 1 7 8 9 10
-FATE is easy to hack and fudge and hard to break.
-combat is quick and can do minions, cinematic well, but it doesnt work with just one player. Last time me and brian tried one player FATE with 2 equal characters the fight took forever becuse equal characters basically fight to a draw. so yes to 4.
-also you dont really have stats, just skills which include some traits like physique,
-no hack for naruto but some are close and there are hacks for D&D and rules for creating spells, which could be used for powers easily.
-awakenings should be doable.
-so 2,3,6 sort of.
-it doesn’t have levels but you could put power levels in easily.
= Fails at nothing, could work well. 8/10

I think that’s all the options.
Best way would be to stat PCs and NPCs in each system and see which works best…
Doubt we have time for that though!!


  1. gmcaleb · · Reply

    Have you looked at It is a rules light universal system. Anima may be perfect for the setting, but I always ended up with one player never figuring out the heavy rule set. 5th Ed is extremely easy to modify/hack and is a bit easier than fate to learn.

    Will you be blogging about your game as a story?

  2. have decided on FATE, see new post. probably will blog about it. if I remember!

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