Nariko Sato

NN CC Link to the word doc file for this character

This is my character. Nariko Sato. Part of team 4 of the village hidden in the mist. The setting is four generations after the main Naruto cast.


Nariko. the art is for an OC Rena belongs to and is drawn by various on deviant art.



Youthful Kunoichi Weapon expert

Better than Yoko Tokuda

I will join the Anbu to avenge my mother

“go big or go home”

 Skills + Modes Good Mode (+3) Fight  Fair Mode (+2)Anbu Black ops  Average Mode Support Ninjutsu (Styles)
+5 Superb Tools
+4 Great Atheltics, Notice, Taijutsu  
+3 Good Physique, provoke, Burglary  
+2 Fair Deceive,  Stealth Craft Metal Style
+1 Average Contacts, ,Empathy Wind Style


Stunts (1 left)

Weapon use.


Kunai Storm [1] : Attack multiples(1), uses Tools

Kunai Bomb Substitution [2]: Use Tools to defend against attack(1). Successful defend grants “bomb” boost  to attack against attacker(1)







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