Naruto using Atomic Robo/ FATE core

So i have decided to use the atomic robo rules for Naruto. My alterations are below: (edited on 25/4)

Character creation:

5 Aspects Concept, trouble/omega, 3 modes
Skill Modes Choose 3
Skill points 30 – points for skills modes
Stunts 6, 3 must be spent on Jutsus
Refresh Same as written aspects
Stress 2 boxes, Fair(+2) = 3 boxes, Good (+3) = 4 boxes
Jutsu Skills: Take one style at 3, 3 at 1 or a 1 and 2

Jutsu Creation: (cost in stunts)

See second post.

New Skills

Taijutsu Combat 2
Defend attacks
Defend creates
Tools 2
Defend creates
Genjutsu 2
attack mental
attack physical
defend (genjutsu)

Skill Modes


Modes Weird modes
NN Cost Fight Sneak Talk Support Genjutsu user Sage Medi-Nin Anbu Black ops Rogue – Nin Jinchuriki Artist Team Leader
Athletics 2 X X X
Burglary 1 X X
Contacts 1 X X X X X X
Craft 1 X X
Deceive 2 X X X X X
Empathy 3 X X X X
Lore 1 X X X X X
Notice 1 X X X X X X
Physique 1 X
Provoke 1 X X X
Rapport 1 X X
Stealth 2 X X X
Combat 2 X
Tools 2 X X X
Will 1 X X X
Genjutsu 2 X
COST 9 9 9 9 9 4 5 9 5 2 2 3

That’s basically it!

Comments Welcome Here!

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