State of the Union

I feel I’ve almost come full circle. In the first ever month of this blog I reviewed Avengers and statted Naruto. Now i’m playing a Naruto game (in FATE) and have just seen Avengers 2!

Looking at Fate stuff made me look at ICONS. But then looking at ICONS made me look at MHR. And now i’m back to thinking about using MHR for Naruto. Wonder if i can stat the characters for a 3rd (4th, done twice in FATE) time for this friday?

My biggest gaming problem at the moment will be obvious to anyone who reads this blog. Time Lag. By the time i actually get to play a game i’ve been planning, something else piques my fancy and i change game. I was lucky that when i had a lull in games B started running Age of Rebellion.

So far in this school year i have played:

  • D&D 5e, first starter box (TPKed), then ROTL conversion (finished book 1)
  • Tales of the floating vagabond (run by a new player who has now moved away)
  • Zombicide
  • MHR – infinite crisis
  • Iron kingdoms
  • Through the Breach
  • Shadowrun – about 4 sessions total
  • Dicemasters – with the missus, lots
  • Shadowrun Crossfire
  • Star Wars: Age of Rebellion
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (TPK)
  • Fight!
  • Fight! Naruto
  • Naruto Fate

Busy year. So far have held off on buying Iron kingdoms unleashed. But plan to get SW: Force and Destiny, Through the breach proper once into the steam comes out and whatever 5e stuff gets released.

Likelihood is we go back to playing shadowrun at some point, more star wars, 5e and various super hero stuff.

I really hope to post up some more writeups…seeming to have more time at the moment!

Comments Welcome Here!

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