Infinity Quantronic Heat

So having waited over a year for the pdf and like another 6 months for the corebook i finally had enough stuff to actually run the infinity 2d20 rpg.

We have 3 characters:

  • Hu-Ju, a Yu-jing/Corp Criminal/Soldier in an orlando lhost. The shooter.
  • Benoit, a Merovingian Ariadna/Submondo Ex Aristo Corsair Maya Celeb. The Utility.
  • Morgan, Caledonian/corp/Submondo Military  Tech/Pilot. GMPC Tech and driver backup.

We ran a quick training session to start and gifted Benoit a security Geist and hacking device because i knew they would need it and the only hacking was on the GMPC.

Everything went as planned. They found the clues. Benoit injected Bhatia (still alive at end of play). Hu-Ju for some reason forced the Dr to give up her cover…don’t know why. They found the repeater but failed an IC roll which kicked them out.

They went to Sheshou Tower, although they had the March 21 clues so were pretty sure that sure that Sheshou was not responsible. When Bhatia attacked Benoit hacked Bhatia’s comlog so they could access it and Benoit took out 2 thaler CSU so they left.

They managed to succesfully get into Blackthorns system, but she almost bricked Benoit’s network. They foudn the clues to the Apartment at Mosaic Tower.

The attack on the tower was great. Switching off Soldiers combi rifles, messing around with the mines, jumping clayton and shooting him to pieces. But then one failed stealth roll had the Sniper get shots on them, and put Benoit down and bleeding before they could take out the remaining soldiers.


  • Good Adventure, lots of different things to do.
  • Hacking was useful.
  • Combat was quick despite all the dice and counters (but we know that from conan, so not an issue for us)
  • Love the covert objectives. such a good idea.


  • Hacking rules are v vague.
  • Made a lot of mistakes – rules seem less straightforward and things are in odd places.

Overall, it was great and i can’t wait to play more.


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