The Circular File

2nd mission – from 2nd Quickstart/Primer

no GMPC, just HuJu and Benoit.

Started off with some shopping, testing the acquisition system. having not liked it on paper in play it was quite fun. Although they burned a lot of heat!!

Got a sword, knife, med. combat armor and 2 shortfalls!

They were told of the murder of the Aristo Eduardo Texeira by an Aleph Aspect and went to investigate. Found the medical clues, then the hacking clues, and then looked around. HuJu gained 2 secret objectives at this point, and he completed one. Benoit received his Ariadna objective.

They went to the bar and spent a long time here. finding two leads, but also getting complications which through luck and good RP turned into a contact and completing an objective when Benoit was given some drugs to try, which he needed for his submondo buddies.

during this time they were getting news alerts via their RL phones of weird drug fuelled incidences.

They followed one of these up because it linked to the last secret objective and managed to also get another lead. This involved fast ordering a remote, which was delivered instantly via drone (amazon style) and tailing a supplier.

they then questioned the victim’s ex for more leads.

Returning to the bar they found the dealer who ran, but rolled a 20! they handed her over, and followed their 3 seperate leads to the drug pirates ship.

The combat was pretty nasty. despite facing 8 elites, they used a mixture of hacking, stealth, the remote (flash pulse is nasty on a spotbot) and a new found love for melee combat to dispatch the pirates. Which set of a self-destruct for the ship which they were hoping to sell! huJu ran, and Benoit diabled it (well, his geist did).

More fun was had by all!

Loving the system, and the world is great.




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