AHS: Riots at Dawn

So mission 3 as previously started with some shopping on orbitals/Circulars. Geist upgrade for HuJu and more ammo. Complication on 2 rolls for this so i ruled the Geist got corrupted…twice. This took long enough (taking weeks to lower R) to give Benoit 2 lifestyle upgrade rolls moving him back up to middle. (He started character creation at Ultra and fell down to Underclass!).

Upon arriving in Ariadna they did more shopping, Tacbow for Huju and HMG for Benoit. Which they then proceeded to not have avialable for the rest of the mission due to how events unfold.

Scene 1 went well, The Chief they are meeting is killed in an explosion and chaos ensues. Benoit helped some victims while HuJu was attacked by some. Huju is then hit by secondary explosion (so much heat from the shopping to spend). They find the various clues.

in Scene 2 it was a bit unclear why the Chief’s daughter blamed them, but i had them lynch huJu and prepare for a hanging! They managed to talk the mob down, and got an invite to the party.

At the party they found some of the clues, but then gave up talking to people and talked to chief Morrison. after that they decided to Hack the castle system but both rolled complications. So they missed some info here, but the adventure sends them towards the final “area” and they went along with it.

The ambush played out well, Benoit escaping the car but HuJu spotting the traitor guards “escorting” them and turning their own guns on them. Very cinematic, killing one guard with his mate’s gun then turning it the other, but accidentally destrying the engine and car. Benoit Was finally able to unleash his Teseum Claymore (from the Ariadna draft) which did crazy damage – 10 damage = 2 wounds + 1 wound for grevious +1 wound for 0 vigour!!.

At the mine they realised that benoit had no stealth expertise. that made things a bit harder but they hacked the cameras (although not the system, so missing more info) and eventually made it to the “secured area”. At this point the adventure as written got confusing – it doesn’t mention how they can get through the doors, just that they exist. “The secure mine is completely sealed from the open mine by high security armoured doors”. At this point we were short on time, as it was quite late so they simply KOed a worker and took his “pass” to get through. They found Jessica, Benoit killing both guards with one attack (Claymore FTW). They then escaped pretty easily. Benoit hacking an escape route and HuJu hiding and then also escaping.

Another good session, but with some odd bits where the information was lacking. But it was fun, and the PCs continue to develop their combat and non combat proficiency.

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