A Cult of one

4th Session. Only managed a skim read before, which caused some problems!

The PCs arrive on Neoterra and get straight to interrogating The mother of the kidnap victim. No subtlety. They follow this lead to the detective and get some info. Then it starts going wrong.

They consider breaking into the academy, which i point out is full of children. Then they try to get an invite to the school by asking about security, kidnapped children and without credentials…didn’t go so well…

They contact Jocasta who gets them in as prospective investors/donors and they have a look around and then find the clues. [The book was a bit odd here – how do they find the clue – just the roll, or do they have to be in the correct place? The book was also missing a lot of info that seems likely to be asked (and was) – how old is Marcus? when did he go missing? who saw him last? – i made stuff up and hoped i didn’t get contradicted.] They found at least 2 clues to be getting on with.

Next they went to look for Lhost dealer but a bad roll meant they didn’t find them, so i had them jumped by some iterations of the “baddie” and then find more clues. I didn’t do a good job of mkaing them act the same here, but the combat went well (as always).

They then found the dealer and got a bunch of information which lead them to the next scene. [I missed the fact here that the dealer needed metanoia to give up info]

At the next scene I used some heat to have some Gangers block the way. Benoit went for a claymore attack and somehow missed (no <14s on 3 dice). HuJu shot 2 with his pistol and Benoit killed the last guy. Harsh but funny. Again, grevious on the claymore is nasty! The “girlfriend” was intimidated and then persuaded to cough up the info [read it this time] which gave them 2 more locations. Despite having the lead to the final warehouse they chose to go to the church.

At the church, again it all went wrong. HuJu complicated on some persuade rolls and was kicked out. Benoit was trying to hack their system (so HuJu rolling the dice – such a good rule, keeping them both in play), but complicated so had to quit the hack. He then burned an infinity point to get to the Father and get the info.

They arrived for the final fight and easily dispatched 2 Factory robots (claymore FTW), but I then went all in on a psywar “unrelenting sermon” attack which I ruled as affecting both the PCS as it was over speakers. Spending heat for extra momentum and cd was nasty, HuJu took 4 metanoia, and Benoit like 2 or 3. Huju fought some more robots and Benoit went for Rimbaud (the crazy killer/priest). Another unrelenting sermon (the dialogue here was great) did for Huju, but Benoit spent an infinity point to ignore the effect. That got him into combat (shouting I’m recording this??*)and 2 wounds on Rimbaud. Rimbaud shot at close range, and despite Benoit’s defense he took a bunch of damage. Benoit then finished off Rimbaud.

So Benoit then could have seen to the catatonic HuJu but instead decided to get some info from the computers and then ransom the kill footage*(makes sense now) and the child’s body for a mining contract [So Harsh]. HuJu wakes up, trys to use the cube equipment but fries it but plants evidence to help his objectives. So Two objectives each, up from none last session, but it involved Benoit screwing over HuJu. PRetty funny.

So no rules issues, just some gaps in information which I hadn’t realised because I hadn’t read it fully. Another great session. Infinity is fast becoming my favourite RPG.


  1. Brian Aldred · · Reply

    HuJu’s paranoia might make him think twice about backing up Benoit or ‘taking a hit’ for him!

    1. Yeah, Benoit proper screwed you more than once now

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