2d20 base

A while back I knocked up a set of base character creation guidelines for a generic sci-fi game, which I then used for my Eclipse Phase session.

2d20 Base

3 Sections

  • Background (Race, Upbringing, Heritage)
  • Training (Class, Profession, Education, role)
  • Customisation
  Base Human Enhanced Human Gene spliced Human Android/ Synth Elite Android / Synth Robot
Agility 8 9 10 9 10 7
 -Close Combat            
Brawn 8 9 10 10 10 10
Coordination 8 9 8 9 10 8
Awareness 8 9 10 9 9 8
Intelligence 8 9 8 7 8 6
Personality 8 8 7 6 7 6
 -Animal Handling            
Willpower 8 8 7 6 7 6
Bonus Attributes


Bonus Skills



1E, 1F










  Soldier Spy Tech Doctor Scientist Criminal Spacer
Agility C C       C  
 -Acrobatics   C          
 -Close Combat SC C       C  
 -Stealth   S       SC  
Brawn C            
  -Athletics C            
  -Resistance SC   C     C SC
Coordination C   C     C C
 -Ballistics S C SC     SC C
 -Pilot     SC     C SC
 -Spacecraft     SC       SC
Awareness   C C C C C C
 -Analysis     C SC SC    
 -Observation C SC   C C   C
 -Survival C       C   C
 -Thievery   SC       S  
 -Extraplanetary     C       S
Intelligence     C C C    
 -Education       SC SC    
 -Hacking   SC SC   C SC  
 -Medicine C     S      
 -Psychology       SC      
 -Science     C C S    
 -Tech     S   SC   SC
Personality   C         C
 -Animal Handling              
 -Command SC            
 -Lifestyle   C C C C C C
 -Persuade   SC   C   SC  
Willpower       C C    
 -Discipline SC     SC SC    


C – class

S –signature

SC – can choose to be signature

20 Expertise and 10 Focus to spend.???

  • S can be up to 5/5
  • Can choose 2SC as S – can go up to 4/4
  • C can go up to 3/3
  • Other skills can go up to 2/2

Class Attributes gets one +3, one +2 and one +1. One other attribute gets + 1.

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