2d20 Eclipse Phase

So in 2017, while waiting for the Infinity book I ran a 2-session game of Eclipse phase (continuity – a starter adventure) using 2d20. Most of it was scribbled on paper but I’ve managed to find some of the notes so I can write them up.

This is a pretty barebones hack, but it worked for us. And it was mostly using Infinity to run the EP world, rather than converting EP.


Funnily enough attributes matched up pretty well – 7 for 7.

  • Agility for REF
  • Awareness for INT
  • Brawn for SOM
  • Coordination for COO
  • Intellect for COG
  • Personality for SAV
  • Willpower for WIL

We made the characters using a point buy system (see 2d20 base article) and then altered based on the morphs.

I actually wrote a conversion sheet for a number of standard morphs giving the base bonuses and then starting player life points, or starting costs. But in the end we did a random deal of morph cards and we went with a simple +5% is +1 in 2d20, +10% is +2 and so on. We then converted mods as made sense.

Combat stats

I found some equivalents for weapons

  • Medium kinetic pistol = standard pistol
  • Flex cutter = Knife

That enabled me to roughly convert dice. I used the following conversion for weapons by looking at %s of normal health pools

  • 1d10 + 3/4 ~ 1+3cd
  • 2d10 + 2 ~ 2+3cd
  • eclipse phase AP1 = 2d20 0AP
  • AP2 = 1AP
  • AP3,4 = 2AP

So for the Chrysacid attacks I went with Limb and spurs do 1+3cd AP2

For the armour again I used rough equivalents

  • Light Vacsuit 5/5 gives armour 1
  • Standard vacsuit 7/7 gives armour 1/2torso


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