Devil’s run kickstarter


There’s a new 2d20 game coming : Devil’s run.

From the page :

In a maelstrom of carnage and destruction worthy of a George Miller movie, the Devil’s Run setting exploded onto the kickstarter scene with the high-octane fun of the Route 666 board game. The setting’s popularity has grown and grown thanks to the hugely successful Hell’s Highway expansion, but the thrill of the ride is far from over!

Red Scar are now all set to blow the doors off on the events that laid waste to continents, reshaped the global arena and gave rise to new powers and factions through the engaging medium of a pen-and-paper roleplaying game.

This kickstarter will fund the production of a printed edition of the Devil’s Run Roleplaying Game core book: a lavish softcover rulebook of approximately 320 pages that will empower both GMs and players alike with the ability to explore this post-apocalyptic setting in more detail than ever before. The Devil’s Run RPG core book will utilise the popular 2d20 ruleset – a lightweight system that seeks to seamlessly integrate story and action whilst keeping the game focussed on the players.


This will be the first 2d20 game to be licensed from Modiphius, rather than published by them. Looks great, go check it out.

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