First Impressions

My GB pundit and friend My has started a shadespire blog.

Hex Appeal

I was lucky enough to have one of the most enjoyable introductions to Shadespire.

Not long ago my best friend had a change in circumstances, as part of this with some encouragement and the use of my laptop he took the plunge, deciding to apply for a dream role working for Games Workshop. He was successful 🙂

Having relocated to Nottingham we see less than we would like of each other so I decided it was time to visit. Following a night of Rum, takeaway and Peaky Blinders we paid a trip to Warhammer World (If you have never been and get the opportunity, take it).

The plan for the day was to have a wander round the store and the exhibitions then sit in Bugmans and have some food.

99922534-1089-40EF-969F-CE905434DB9C The Engineer Burger 

What ended up happening was we sat it Bugmans to have a coffee and he bought out…

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