My Guild Ball Journey

So i tend to blog about what i’m playing and I’ve mostly been playing Guild Ball since I started in July 2017! I picked up the kick off box in about June and played a Practice game with my then 5 year old daughter, and watched some mates played a game. I signed up for a local tournament and played one prep game vs Zi B (lost Butchers v Morts) and one solo game to decide on masons or butchers. Butchers won so i went Butchers

In my first tournament, Snap Shot 2 at the outpost, it started badly, i lost 12-0 to morts. In the next game i also got morts, but won 12-0. I then won my 3rd game. So a good start, and more importantly i had fun. I’ve played in 2 Malifaux tournaments and not enjoyed it. I loved Guild Ball, I was hooked.

Over the summer i played a mix of teams, and got my wife to start playing (and painting). I sold a bunch of old 40k, WMH and Warhammer models and bought all the GB teams with the profits.

After being schooled by Steve E i started practicing Hunters and took them to my second tournament, Charity Balls. There i won my first game, then lost 2 (1st against Steve) but won final game to go 2-2.

At this point our meta was looking really good and i was still enjoying the game, playing at outpost, with friends and missus. Didn’t manage any more tournaments upto xmas, and jumped teams a bit. Was going to go Fish, painted them for a local to declare fish. Then i painted farmers, but when Alex Botts won worlds with Thresher i decided not to. Was looking at Engineers but Zi picked them, so went Alchemists. Enjoyed the jank with Smoke and played her at my first team tournament in Sheffield and got 2 wins. Learned Midas a bit and took them to Heroic Throwdown 3. Went 3-2, losing first game to Steve E, then getting paired up and losing against another local player, Owen C. Won next 3.

So i’ve donw 4 tournaments and enjoyed everyone. Also fitted in a playtest day at Steamforged which was great. The community is great, everyone is super friendly and there are enough different teams to satisfy my faction ADD without spending a fortune.

Morts up next. Or maybe Smiths. Or Engineers. Argh!


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