God War 2d20 Pitch

coollogo_com-140541660So recently Mythic Battles : Pantheon arrived from Kickstarter, and although it has an RPG i’m heavily into 2d20 at the moment so i wondered if i could combine the 2. At the same time i started playing SMITE again…If i had the time this would be some massive pig PDF that i would kickstart, for now it will be a bunch of blog posts that hopefully link to make a new 2d20 setting/game.

Quick Setting Premise

The Gods are eternal and have been at war for eons. And they continue to be at war. Since Gods are not mortal they are also limited to out mortal concept of time. So essentially the Gods exist in all times. Although they cannot be killed their power can weaken or strengthen and different Gods and different pantheons and affiliations are strong in different time periods.

The gods derive power from Essence which comes from having worshipers and certain holy sites and artifacts. The more Essence a God has, the more powerful they are. In certain time periods most of the gods are quite weak due to a lack of worshipers. Regardless of power level, while on Earths Gods can be killed, and cannot return for one human year. To help the Gods they can influence people and recruit followers and minions. If they have enough power they can summon various mythical beasts and beings. They can also Bestow Essence on Humans who become their Avatars. An Avatar has the power of a God for a limited period; until their granted Essence is used.

To stop the Gods actually destroying the Earth the various elder beings (Titans, Primordials, Elder gods) made the Gods sign a pact which limited their powers on Earth and prevented them from having actual dominion over the peoples and lands of Earth. The elder beings also created an Agency to oversee the Gods activities, and chose skilled Humans to work for this Agency giving them access to the Nexus. A series of portals that connect across the Earth and across Time.

There a handful of main time periods that currently concern the Elder Beings:

  • Primeval
  • Ancient
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Steam
  • 20th Century
  • 21st Century
  • 22nd Century
  • Far Future Space
  • Badlands

Game Premise

The players work for the Agency. They are given missions to stop Gods making a complete mess of the Earth. All players are Avatars of at least one God and can gain patronage from others as the game progresses. Like Infinity, players have a native pantheon which they have secret objectives for. Although the players come from one time period, they can do mission in any time period. Essentially each time period would be like a different planet.

Rules wise its mostly Conan and infinity.

  • Essence replaces Fortune/Infinity Points
  • Doom is threat
  • Essence can be spent as in Conan or Infinity but also to activate Avatar powers or an Avatar form which grant temporary Stat boosts or Traits.
  • Enemies come in Minion, Hero(elite), Mythic (nemesis and Divinity (god) levels.
  • Can use both Conan and infinity rules for combat. Conan for before Steam, Infinity from steam onwards including hacking from 22nd onwards

Character creation will have the following choices :

  • Time period and place of Birth
    • Grants first patron God and Faction
  • Status in home time period
  • Education
    • Grants 1st signature skill
  • Archetype / initial Career
    • Grants second patron God
    • Grants 2nd Signature Skill
  • Agent Recruitment
    • Grants third patron God
  • Agent role
    • Grants 3rd Signature skill

So There will be blogs on:

  • Different time periods
  • The Gods
  • Avatar Powers
  • NPCs
  • Equipment
  • Character Creation

Fingers crossed i get it all done before i lose interest!


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