Morticians Turn 1 goals

So clearly i know nothing about how to play Morticians, but i can still work out distances. These aren’t as reliable as Alchemists because Morts aren’t a footballing team, but it’s still nice to know they are possible.


Obulus looks slow but has puppet master.Picture1

  • Shadow-like for 2”
  • Sprint 6
  • Puppet-Master himself for 4” jog
  • Shoot 6”

= 18” Threat. So not enough from kick off line. But if he takes the dodge from a pass that’s 22” so doable. But then you need MP. And that was 7 inf for a goal, hardly efficient.

Alternatively he’s pretty good from a kick.

  • Kick with Obulus. 4”.
  • Shadow-like for 2”
  • Sprint 6”.
  • Puppet master someone in 8” to pass him the ball and take a 4” dodge.
  • You’ve now gone 16”, 4” away from goal if you are lucky  but probably within 6”
  • Shoot 6”
  • Or attack someone in 2” and Take the Double dodge on 2. Snap-shot.

This tends to be easier from Turn 2 when he’s moved a bit further. 2” melee and Double dodge on 2 makes that extra distance easy, and avoids counters.


Bonesaws football dervish is crazy. It lets him do a 1-2.

  • Bonesaw Passes to someone (probably within 6” thanks to awful Mort kicks)Picture2
  • Bonesaw Spends MP for 4” Dodge.
  • Target Passes Ball back for 1MP. Bonesaw Dodges for 1MP.
  • Bonesaw Sprints 8”
  • (optional) Bonesaw Medidates for 1inf
  • Shoots 8”

= 24” Threat, for 3or4 inf, but also needing 2MP in advance to do both dodges.

Bonesaw is now DEF 5 and in snapshot range.

This does require 3 separate kicks to work.

If there is someone in the way with low DEF, instead of the meditation and sprint, Bonesaw can charge them, hitting Dodge on 1, Pushdodge on 2, or Unexpected arrival for 3 which pushes everyone in 3” 4” away.

Memory & Brainpan

Memory moves 2” at the start of every activation, so he has 12” of move if brainpan goes last.

The issue is the range for the pulling the strings.

Option 1Picture3

  • Memory makes the 6 dodges for 12”
  • Brainpan is passed the ball and takes 4” dodge.*
  • Brainpan Jogs, so is now 9” up,
  • passes to memory
  • Memory makes a Free 4” dodge, and has 1MP.
  • Memory shoots

This is exactly 20”, but requires just 2 inf and no MP at all.

If the distance is a problem, Brainpan can puppet show Memory for 2” more, and Memory should still be within 8” of Brainpan if brainpan sprints rather than jogs.

  • If Brainpan doesn’t take the dodge after he moves he is 5or7” up and after Memory dodges he is 16” up, out of range of Pulling the strings

Option 2

  • Memory makes the 6 dodges for 12”
  • Brainpan is passed the ball and takes 4” dodge.*
  • Brainpan Jogs, so is now 9” up,
  • Brainpan Puppet shows memory twice for 4”
  • Memory is 16” up, Within goal and Brainpan.
  • Brainpan passes
  • Memory takes snapshot (no MP needed)

Option 1 is better, it doesn’t require snapshot. But option 2 is what probably happens later on when anyone can pass to Memory. If someone kills him, no VP lost.


In Planning


So there you go, they’re not great and either require spot on positioning or crazy amount of passes or lots of inf. But if you want to score easy goals, play Fish.

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