Domains of The Gods

The Gods share a number of Domains.

Initially to make things either i will separate Gods by Pantheon and Domain rather than by listing individual powers of Gods (which i will get to much later)

Initial Domains

Domain Sub domains Example Gods
Blood  Izanami
Animals Cats, Birds  Bast/Bastet
Chaos Mischief  Loki, Discordia
Darkness The Night  Nox
Death The Dead, Underworld  Hades, Anubis, Hel
Fire  Sol
The Hunt  Artemis, Hearne
Justice Law, Vengeance  Tyr
Love  Aphrodite, Cupid
Protection Protectors, Guardians
Sun  Khepri, Apollo
War Victory  Ares
Weather Storms, Wind, Lightning, Thunder  Zeus, Thor
Wisdom Knowledge  Thoth

Avatar Essence spends and gains

Avatars of these Domains gain access to additional Essence gains and spends in the form of powers. Some of these gains might seem a bit OP, but the players may need a lot more EP to deal with bigger threats.


Domain Essence Gained from Avatar Essence Power

Spend an EP to…

Blood When you cause a bleeding effect as a wound >give a minion group or a single hero or Mythic the Bleed condition
Animals When you protect or help an animal (of correct type)  >summon an allied animal of your patron. it will follow your commands
Chaos When an enemy rolls a complication against you >  cause a complication

> increase an enemys complication range by 2

Darkness  When a scene starts and is in (or mostly in) darkness >create an area of Darkness

>inflict the blinded condition

Death When someone dies >summon a Zombie or Skeleton

>cause 3cd Vicious Wounds (no soak) and heal half the amount

Earth > Gain Physical Soak +2 for one round
Fire  When something catches on fire >cause 2cd damage and Inflict the burning condition on a target
The Hunt  When you attack a target of the exploit action >Inflict the exploited condition on up to 3 enemies
Justice  When you Harm an enemy who has previously attacked another PC or an innocent >Inflict the weakened condition on an enemy
Light >create an area of Light>inflict the blinded condition
Love  When you cause mental harm via persuade or seduce >create the stunned condition on a target
Nature  >create the imbolised condition on a target
Protection  When you use the guard action and take damage  >grant +2 soak to an ally for one round
Sun >create an area of Light

>inflict the blinded condition

>cause 2cd damage and Inflict the burning condition on a target

War When you succeed at an unconventional tactic

When you defeat the enemies in a combat scene

 >Inflict the exploited condition on up to 3 enemies

>reduce the soak of an enemy by 2 for two round s

Weather  >cause 4cd damage on a target, or 2cd on 2 targets

>Inflict the staggered condition on a target

Wisdom  When you pass a difficulty 2 or more intellect roll.  >Inflict the exploited condition on up to 3 enemies
 *All conditions last for the rest of the round

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