Quantronic Heat Part 2

So after many failed meetups (including snow) we managed to run our next session of Infinity: Quantronic heat 2: On your Marks.

We got straight into the background deciding to use the Triad backing and be called “Heavenly Thunder” Wiuth HuJu as the pilot and Benoit as a medic, plus bringing back a GMPC as the tech. We set the disguise and hacking rolls and beefed up the Drone.

The PCs started by meeting some of the racers, and at the evening event meeting more. They straight away went for a bunch of the red herrings but played along.

At the first race Huju got a bit carried away and actually won the race, sort of forgetting the point was to learn from the others teams, not win. They found out some more info during the race though.

Between the races they found out a lot more of the teams, starting to get the idea that Bleeding Edge were the main issue having eliminated some of the others teams having solved the red herrings. There was a lot of Rping and stealth and drinking!

In the 2nd race they decided to fix it for a Bleeding Edge win and break into the BE ship. The geist hacking did their usual good job and they found the info and avoided being noticed. In the race they had to take out one of the other teams because BE had a bad start and wasn’t winning. Luckily it all worked out.

At the end the whole thing turns into a massive soap with fights, deaths and more. It was all very amusing. They managed to meet most of their objectives and solve the main mission and fun was had by all.

[Sorry for the short write-up, normally we play thursday or friday and i can write it up at weekend, this week it was monday so hard to remember it all]

Very few issues here. The races rules weren’t super clear and there were not any momentum distances given for the 2nd race. there was also a lot of info spread across a lot of pages, so required a lot of reading in advance.

A Nice change of pace, not even one combat scene, but they didn’t mind. Looking forward to finishing off the QE mini campaign. Still enjoying infinity, and unliek me i’m happy to keep playing it! The well written adventures really help. And when I run out of AHS i think i’ll just switch onto Conan or Star Trek (or GodWar hopefully)


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