So yesterday wasn’t my first game of Aristeia(A! From here on) but it felt like the first proper game.

Brian had kindly 3d printed a full set of walls and i had printed cards for soldiers of fortune plus bought alternate maximus, lunah and mushashi giving us a pool of 17 players instead of the original 8.
So we did an actual draft on a fully 3d hexadrome.

I got first pick and considered wild bill but went hannibal. Then mushashi, maximus and hexxr. Brian took wild bill, lunah, gata and senor massacre.

We then realised we hadn’t picked a scenario so went with king of the hill which seemed to be not ideal for both our team comp.


Green team set up in 1 2 6

(hannibal 2 mm 6 max 2 hexxr 6)


Orange team set up in 345

( lunah bill 4 sm gata 5)


Round 1.

Wild bill killed hannibal turn one and mushashi skirted the left side of arena. Hexxr moved max in. Gata and senor got in.

Orange scored the 3vp.

Round 2.

Mushashi went first and killed lunah but didnt quite make the zone. He was then killed by wild bill who moved in the zone. Gata dazzled the returning hannibal. Senor massacre used some jank to teleport away from max to a taunted hexxr and kill her. I was really struggling for my good cards here.

Orange scored 3vp for 6-0 lead.

 Round 3.

Bit fuzzy from here.Think wild bill got another kill but was then killed. Mushashi should have killed senor but he used epic regeneration so survived. Maximus got a kill and i won this round.

Green 3 orange 6.

Round 4.

Mushashi fragged again and max finally succumbed to the stack of wounds. But hexxr came in and displaced gata and senor to get the 3vp.


Round 5

Managed to get most of the team to just outside zone. But hexxr died before i could pull them in. This was a bit lucky. She had survived 3 attacks but senor managed his taunt to jump in for the kill. Made a mess of activation order and positioning here but also didn’t have hexxrs defence card. It was still in deck.

Orange wins 9-6

Really good game and everyone did something.

  • Wild bill got so much damage.
  • Hexxr moved both teams.
  • Max tanked.
  • Hannibal fave extra actions to rest of team.
  • Gata dazzled and dodged.
  • Mushashi and lunah did damage.
  • Senor massacre tanked and killed.

As ive been hoping the extra models really switched game on. Can’t wait to get the real thing and see the next 4 cards.

One comment

  1. Brian Aldred · · Reply

    I don’t think I’d ever go without Wild Bill if I can help it … but Senór Massacre was great in the last few rounds. I’m sure last time I played with Lunah she was better …. or perhaps I’ve only played against her – yeah think that’s the case. By far the most annoying character was Hexxr – round 4 with her just pushing my players out of the zone … grr.

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