Shadespire: the beginning

This might finally be a minis game i have time to play.

I started with warhammer in 3rd ed and 40k when it was rogue trader. At uni in 90s i bought a lot of both. Lots of wh chaos and orcs, bits of the rest. A chunk of guard, orks and bits of other things. But when i moved up north i didn’t play again. I would keep tabs and buy the odd started box or rule book for a new edition but any time i played it would take hours.

Overtime i tried warmahordes, then got into malifaux. I bought AOS and like it but didnt have the patience or time for a large scale game anymore. Having got into guild ball i was liking skirmish. I kept an eye on GW and Liked the look of shadespire but was unimpressed with initial two teams.

Recently a few local guild ball players started shadespire. And then i looked at the price and the new warbands and thought I’d give it a try. Played a demo game at the outpost and was convinced to buy it. Played a fun 3 player game.

Finally played a proper 2player game with Brian. Pretty close game. I used stormcast v the reavers. Got an early lead thanks to objectives. Got obryn inspired and he then tanked for most of the rest of the game. +1 wounds helped!!

Finished 4-3 or 5-4. Pretty low scoring but pur first proper game. But the impressive thing was it took so little time to play.

So now I’m looking forward to more bands, games and maybe newer games like AOS skirmish and 40k kill team. Need to resist blowing all my cash on toy soldiers but so tempted by daughters of khaine. Medusas, harpies and witch elves? Love it.


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