So i didn’t get the early access because i didn’t have £190 at the time, but also i wasn”t sure about paying that much up front for a game with no details. Plus i knew there was a KS coming which i was pretty sure would be cheaper and would have proper components, not print your own.

After the Rules released i did print my own components and map and proxied the figures. The initial rules were iffy (Dodge FTW) so i waited. The rules changed and i waited some more. Then the KS appeared with 1st 24H backer bonus (cheeky) so i backed it and played a second game.

It was a lot better. Lots of tactics, lots of synergies and combos between champions and followers, and a tight game throughout. All the champions offered something interesting.

So i’ve gone from excited to dubious back to excited.

Back it now!



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