Into the Hexadome GT 1.0

Hex Appeal

This week I was really down as I have damaged the nerves in my neck. Lots of pain, pain killers and limited usage of my left arm.

I had my first event booked for Saturday and wasn’t going to make it. However, I had a pass, had paid for a ticket and most importantly really wanted to play.

I forced myself back to work on Friday to prove I could do it, then made the call that evening that I was going to attend.

My 8

I really like the states game and as such wanted to try something out.

Dart, Mendoza, Bachman, Eclypse, Parvati, Kozmo, hEXx3r and Mushashi.

img_8350Team for the day, quick paintjob thanks to GW Contrat Paints

The Games

Round 1 – Assault

For me this was a simple round. We had some no shows on the day which was a shame but it left us on…

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