First Aristeia! Event

When i knew i was dropping to 4 days a week one thing i wanted to do was write the blog on a weekly basis. And having just gone to my first Aristeia! event i though this was a good place to start. I played a 5 round GB event the day after, so it’s all a bit Fuzzy!

I’ve owned A! since day one and bought all the packs but never really played it. But having painted up the entire Overwatch roster for guild ball i wanted something similar to do and remembered i hadn’t actually painted my A! models. So i started painting them, and finding an obscure rule in the AGL document:

It is not allowed, under any circumstances, to use miniatures from other brands or manufacturers. The use of other Corvus Belli miniatures is allowed; however, players must inform their adversary which characters are represented”

I started buying Female Infinity proxies for the male Aristos so i could field a whole Female lineup, using this article as a starting point.

Then at the same time as all of this, Andrew Jones of Singled out (and now Into the Hexadome) Fame decided to run an event in september. I signed up, played about 3 games and then went back to Guild Ball (see another article) until the event.

My Lineup for the event was:

MuShashi, Bachman, Hammerhead, Dart, Hexxr, Bixie, Lunah, Mendoza.


I actually didn’t use the proxies for the first 2 games because my opponents seemed as new as me, but i did for the fourth.

Round 1, Assault v Steve_M

Steve said he had very few games like me!

Me:  Bachmann, Dart, Hammerhead and Mendoza (not sure on that last one)

Steve: Mushashi, Hexxr, Gata and Parvati (I think)

This game started close and i got a ton of frags (6) but Steve managed to get the win by better leveraging of the underdog to get the scoring zones. The Poison combo worked great and mendoza kept everyone (mostly) alive, but i lacked speed. I lost, but i didn’t care – i was having fun!

Lost, VP 4-7, Frags 6-1.


Round 2, Conquest v GottabeGata (Jon)

Me :Mushashi, Dart, Lunah and bixie

Jon : Hannibal, Kozmo, Valkyrie, Hexxr

This game went down to the wire. Again i got a bunch of frags, but gave up a few this time. On Their final activation of the last round Hexxr played ultimate power, which would have been game winning, but in my last activation i played an extra move card which got Mushashi into the scoring area for the win. Super close game and a lot of fun.

Won, VP 8-6, Frags 6-4


Round 3, Blitz v LathSpell

Me: Dart, Mushashi, Hexxr, Bixie

L: Oberon, Lunah, Valkyrie, ????

This game is just a blur. It was so fast and i thought i might struggle as i wasn’t sure i had the right players. I managed to get up to a 6-3 Lead, but then because i wasn’t the underdog i couldn’t choose the next few zones and ended up losing. Need more practise on this one!

Lost VP 6-8, Frags 1-3


Round 4, King of The Hill v BenRedmond

Me: Hexxr, Bachman, Hammerhead, Dart

Ben: Massacre, Prysm, Mushashi, Mendoza.

I messed up the draft here. I really wanted Mushashi and Mendoza, but i was worried about Hexxr so i picked her first. Ben then picked Mushashi and Mendoza, so i had no healing. I had to take Hammerhead as the tank and then Bachman as back up, but when Ben picked Prysm and Massacre i knew i was in trouble. I dealt with Prsym ok because bachman could move the taunts around (Prysm being taunted by Massacre was a highlight) but i couldn’t get enough damage out, and was too squishy in return. This was the only game i felt i wasn’t really in…really need to practise it.

Lost VP 1-8, Frags 1-5

Overall i finished 1-3, 3rd from bottom, but with the joint most Frags! If i had known i was that close i would have just gone for the kills in game 3 and 4!!

It was a really good day at a good venue.  I look forward to playing at another event…probably with a whole new 8.

For more event info, go here!


  1. Nice write up. As for our game, I was really surprised when you picked Hexxer first as I wasn’t thinking she’d be of much use in King of the Hill. I’ve never played the scenario before so I was expecting it to be a quite simple murderous affair so I just wanted a pretty killy team. I wanted Mendoza for healing and knowing you had him and mushashi made me go for those as my obvious first picks. I think I could have coped without Mushashi, but the double whammy of me getting him and denying you access to him was too good to pass up. After that I was debating between Valk, Prysm and Massacre. I’d got good mileage out of the Prysm/Massacre combo earlier in the day so I went for them, but in hindsight I wonder if Valkyrie might have been a better pick than Prysm. That said, maybe she and Bachman pretty much tied each other up all game, so perhaps if I’d not had her, Bachman might have had the freedom to really power up Hammerhead.

    1. I think Prsym was a good pick. She didn’t do what you planned, but like you said she tied bachman up all game

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