More Female Alts proxies for Aristeia!

As mentioned last week I’m a big fan of playing all female teams and the AGL allows me to do this. I started with this article  but have expanded to get proxies for pretty much the whole Aristeia Line up.

So firstly, the ones from the Article, from the core box:

Uxia McNeal as Wild Bill


Oniwaban Shinobi Kitsune and Katana (Morlock) as Mushashi 

Agent CadmusNaish Sheskiin as 8-ball (not built yet )

Joan of Arc as Maximus

So then i’ve taken this a lot further…

Reverend Healer as Mendoza

Avicenna as Bachmann

Harley Quinn (Morlock) as Hammerhead

Emily Handelman (Outrage) as Hannibal

Chimera as Murtair

There’s a couple that i haven’t built yet…

For Massacre, Miranda Ashcroft

For Taowu probably using “Dragon Lady”

I have 2 possibles for Oberon – Asuras or Ko Dali

So that only leaves Axl, Kozmo and Final Boss.

Kozmo is piloted by a girl, and also looks like D-Va so i’m happy with them.

Final Boss…well he has enough character already.

And Axl is new! but i’ll be on the look out for him.


One comment

  1. It would be interesting to look beyond the Infinity range for good proxies that capture more of the style of the original minis. That said, these are mostly great choices. I think my only reservation is 8-Ball.

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