Marvel Crisis Protocol…But first this…

So Marvel Crisis Protocol is out November 15th and I (and many others) am super excited about it. So to add to my various RPG, Guild ball and Aristeia posts i will be blogging about MCP. But first, some background…

Marvel Background

As with most people I was familiar with Spider-man and the Incredible Hulk because they are sort of mainstream. But super heroes were not really a big thing in the 80s in the UK. We had the Superman films, and some TV series but this was pre Burton Batman. But at some point in the 80s (1984 according to wikipedia) i got my hands on a few issues of Marvel’s Secret Wars. Suddenly there was a whole new bunch of heroes; X-men, Avengers, Doom, Galactus. That comic is probably why I prefer Marvel to DC. I didn’t read all of it at the time, not until years later but I was drawn in by all these new characters. When TSR released a new version of MArvel super heroes i bought it. When Marvel released X-men #1 in 1991 i was all over it, I bought up the UK version of the MacFarlane Spider-Man relaunch. I devoured the X-men cartoon. But being a Comic fan in the UK at this time was hard. We didn’t have comic book shops, or the internet.

Moving to Sheffield in 97 changed that to some extent. There was more than one comic book shop. For a long time, even after I stopped working in Sheffield I would travel into Town on a thursday (not wednesday in the UK), to pick up some new issues. And then Comixology became a thing and i went online. But eventually the MCU and Arrowverse took off and was getting my super fix via TV and Cinema; plus I had a daughter and couldn’t justify my comic expenses anymore. The occasional graphic novel or collected TPB was about it.

But then MCP appeared, and I knew I had to have it. And while on one of the various facebook groups someone suggested Marvel Universe and I gave it a shot and now I’m hooked. The amount of Marvel stuff on there is just crazy…very good value for money! Between Endgame, Marvel Unlimited, MCP and Marvel Champions – this has been a great year for my love of Marvel.

Minis Background

I had started playing D&D in primary school and that was the main thing. I came across BloodBowl in the early 90s which got me onto White Dwarf, Warhammer and 40k. During university holidays i would play a ton of WFB and BloodBowl, but then I moved and it all stopped. Occasionally I would get some new models or a new box, maybe do a bit of painting, but it was really in the past. But i started buying other mini games to play with friends. X-wing, Warmachine…Then Malifaux. Malifaux was the first time I went to a FLGS to play a game and also the first game I ever tried at a tournament. But I had two bad experiences and decided to just play at home. Luckily one of the Malifaux players was trying out Guild Ball and I tried it at the same time. I was hooked. 2 and a bit years later I have played over a 100 tournament games in a year, played all the big UK players and Captained Wales 1 at WTC. I’ve also started playing Aristeia! And loving that. Skirmish is definitely my preferred option. Less minis, more fun! And next up is MCP!

Next up…

There’s a bunch of stuff i’m looking at for MCP:

Co-op rules and scenarios, Custom characters from other settings like DC, previews and reviews of the game and characters, painting articles and more…

Starting on November 1st I plan to release a blog a day building up to launch, Yes that’s 15 blogs in 15 days!

See you on Frid

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